Stefan Thurner

Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Stefan_ThurnerStefan Thurner has a background in both theoretical physics from the Technical University of Vienna and in economics from the University of Vienna before joining the faculty at the Medical University of Vienna. Thurner has published more than 170 scientific articles in fundamental physics (topological excitations in quantum field theories, entropy for complex systems), applied mathematics (wavelet statistics, fractal harmonic analysis, anomalous diffusion), complex systems (network theory, evolutionary systems), life sciences (network medicine, gene regulatory networks, bioinformatics, heart beat dynamics, cell motility), economics (price formation, regulation, systemic risk) and lately in social sciences (opinion formation, bureaucratic inefficiency, collective human behavior in virtual worlds). He holds 2 patents. His work has received broad interest from the media such as the New York Times, BBC world, Nature, New Scientist, Physics World and is featured in more than 400 newspaper, radio and television reports.

Plenary Address: What to Do If You Know Everything?  Understanding Human Behavior in a Virtual World   (Thurner Plenary Abstract)