Satellite: Participatory Modelling for Bridging Science and Practice: Best Practices

Wednesday, September 30, 2015
8:30 am – 12:00 pm
Hilton DoubleTree:  Encantada III

Satellite Organizers

Tanya Kelley, Arizona State University, USA
Erik Johnston, Arizona State University, USA
Kalev Kaarna, Arizona State University, USA
Justin Longo, University of Regina, Canada


Translating research to practice has been one of the most commonly identified challenges of the National Institute to Health and the National Science Foundation. Relying on an old model of speaking truth to power has led to a separation between those that create knowledge and those that need to act. With the purpose of research being to advance knowledge of a particular phenomenon and to use that knowledge to improve our world, this satellite session focuses on how co-production of knowledge can be used to bridge the worlds of scholars and practitioners seeking to understand phenomena and remedy problems. We are interested, in particular, in participatory approaches to complexity science using tools such as agent-based modeling, system dynamics modeling, and network analysis as facilitators of the co-production of knowledge.. In this workshop we will cultivate best practices of the participants for using modeling approaches to knowledge co-produce by scientists and stakeholders. Through these practices we seek to create an intention of inclusion in the model-building process that will hopefully lead to the application of the key elements of complex systems into practice. These include system thinking, uncertainty management, and emergence.