Rosaria Conte

Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, Italy

Rosaria ConteRosaria Conte is the head of the Laboratory of Agent Based Social Simulation at the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies in Rome. She is a cognitive and social scientist with research interests ranging from Agent Theory to Multi-Agent Systems, from Agent-Based Social Simulation and Cultural Evolution to Info-societies and Virtual Markets, with a special interest for the study of positive social action (altruism, cooperation and social norms), and reputation-based social regulation. Her research is characterized by a highly interdisciplinary approach, at the intersection among cognitive, social and computational sciences, and is focused on explaining social behaviour among intelligent autonomous systems, and modeling the dynamics of norms and norm-enforcement mechanisms (including reputation and gossip).

Through her work, Rosaria has contributed to launch and growth of the field of social simulation in Europe. She is former President of the European Society of Social Simulation (ESSA), coordinating the section on Special Interest Groups, and of the ISC (Italian Cognitive Science Association). She has published about 160 among scientific articles and books on cognitive social agents, norms representation and reasoning, and agent-based simulation and is coordinator of both European and Italian research projects.

Plenary Address:  Minding Norms   (Conte Plenary Abstract)