A Dynamical Model of Twitter Activity Profiles
Neil Huynh
Erika Fille Legara
Christopher Monterola

A Mathematical Analysis of the Potential Function Method of Cooperative Relationships: From the Perspective of General Equilibrium Theory
Robert Mamada

 A Network Analysis of U.S. State Gross Domestic Product Correlations
Sabine Jeschonnek
Volker Jeschonnek

An Agent-Based Model of Organizational Diversity and Societal Complexity
Ivan Romic

Agent-based Models: Proposed Applications in the Study of Innovation Patterns
Deryc Painter

Analysing Chinese Stock Market by Using Hurst Exponent, Fractional Brownian Motion and Variants of Stochastic Logistic Differential Equation
Ognjen Vukovic

Analyses on Market Structure Transformations Affected by Digitization and Networking
Ayako Kato

Arrows of Time
Georgi Georgiev
Erin Gombos
Nicholas Siegelman
Timothy Bates

Attracted by the Least Unit Action
Georgi Georgiev
Erin Gombos
Nicholas Siegelman
Timothy Bates

Beyond Equilibrium: Revisiting Two-Sided Markets from an Agent-Based Modeling Perspective
Claudius Gräbner
Torsten Heinrich

Boundary and Fluctuation Effects of Traffic Flow in Fast Moving
Isamu Shioya
Futo Takiguchi

Can Individuals’ Movements Within the Group Contribute to Information Transfer Throughout the Group?
Hisashi Murakami
Takayuki Niizato
Takenori Tomaru
Yuta Nishiyama
Yukio Gunji

Comparing and Modeling Land Use Organization in Cities
Jose J. Ramasco

Complexity of the Connectivity Problem in One-Dimensional Cellular Automata
Marco Montalva Medel
Eric Goles

Complexity of Urban Watersheds: The Case of the Great Lakes Basin
Kathryn Hall

Computational Exploratory
Antonio Arbona
Carles Bona
Joan Masso
Borja Miñano

Constructing a Dynamic Model of Concussion
Erin Kenzie
Elle Parks
Wayne Wakeland

Cooperation Under Uncertainty and Environmental Risk
Andres Baeza
Marco Janssen

Cultural Sustainability Through Settlement Form
Lynette Pollari
Betty Ojaye

Determination of the Societal Value of Species Diversity: a Dynamic Ecological-Economic Model of the Functional Role of Species in Agroecosystems
Silvie Daniels
Nele Witters
Steven Van Passel
Jaco Vangronsveld

Developing and Running Real-Time Group Experiments Online with the Virtual Commons Web Environment
Allen Lee
Tejas Patel
Marco Janssen

Downtown Dynamics Modeling Project as a Test Bed for Jacobs’ City Diversity Conditions
Toshiyuki Kaneda

Effects of Classical Repetition Oriented, Differential, and Mental-Differential Soccer Training on Heart Rate Variability
Diana Henz
Rene Schmidt
Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn

Entropy Production and Entropy Decrease in Self-Organizing Systems
Georgi Georgiev
Germano Iannacchione
Nicholas Siegelman

Exploration of Structural Plasticity as a Mechanism for Lifelong Learning in Neural Networks
Wayne Just
Melanie Moses

Exploring the Dynamic Consequences of Cooperative and Competitive Actors in Complex Networks
Larry Liebovitch
Ivan Fernandez Rosales
Lev Guzman-Vargas

For-Profit Enforcement and Pervasive Law-Breaking: An Economic Analysis with Evolutionary Game Model
Tongkui Yu
Jin Xu

Fractals: Chaotic, Complex, Deterministic, Stochastic—All, Some, or None?
Dawn Parker

Geoengineering and the Climate Policy Portfolio Interaction Problem
Jonathan Lawhead

Graphs, Networks, Multiplex Networks, Hypergraphs, Complexes and Hypernetworks
Jeffrey Johnson

Heterogeneities in Statistics and Evolution of Individual Donations for Wenchuan Earthquake
Qinghua Chen
Rui Hu
Xiaomeng Li
Tao Zheng

Hierarchical Complexity Measurement of N-Vehicle Exploration Problem
Li Xiaoya

Hybrid Methods for Construction of the Earthquakes Network
Soghra Rezaee
Nastaran Lotfi
Amir Hossein Darooneh
Nazila Asaadi

Identifying Urban Neighborhoods in the United States: An Application of Data Mining Techniques
Deborah Salon
Nathaniel Roth

IMDb Top 250,000: Nonparametric Ranking for Community-Based Ratings
Riccardo Gallotti
Mathieu Génois
Paolo Sgrignoli

Inference for Interacting Linear Waves in Ordered and Random Media
Payal Tyagi

Inferring User Interests with a Heterogeneous Bi-Relational Graph Model
Jiejun Xu
Tsai-Ching Lu

Information Spread in Social Networks by Scheduling Algorithms
Alon Sela
Irad Ben-Gal
Erez Shmueli
Sandy Pentland

Information Theoretic Structures of the French Revolution
Alexander Barron
Simon DeDeo
Rebecca Spang

Infrastructure Planning for Fast Charging Stations in a Competitive Market
Zhaomiao Guo
Yueyue Fan

Insights and Obfuscations in Agent-Based Models of Organizational Complexity: Case Study of the Peter Principle
D. Vaughn Becker
K.C. Blackwell

Leveraging on Meta-Complexity to Promote Conceptual Change
Jun Song Huang

Measuring Political Polarization on Twitter Conversations
Rosa M. Benito
Alfredo Morales
Javier Borondo
Juan Carlos Losada

Measuring the Evolution of Complex Systems
Dimitri Papadimitriou

Mechanical Model of Kinesin Moving on Microtubule
Ya-Chang Chou
Yi-Feng Hsiao
Kuan-Hua Chen
Kiwing To

Metabolic Synchronization and Possible Links to Pattern Formation in E. coli
Martin Robert

Micro to Macro Models for Fiscal Policies, Audits and Welfare Measures
Maria Letizia Bertotti
Giovanni Modanese

Modeling a Chemo-Hydrodynamical Effect in a Closed Ferroin-Catalyzed Belousov Zhabotinsky Oscillator
Mihnea R. Hristea
Florian B. Wimmer
Florian Wodlei

Modeling Deliberative Self-Organizing Traffic Lights with Elementary Cellular Automata
Jorge L. Zapotecatl
Carlos Gershenson
David A. Rosenblueth

Modeling Dominance Networks with Intrinsic Node Weights
Masato Abe
Naoki Masuda

Modeling the Potential for Natural Gas Use in Long-Haul Trucks in the United States
Nathan Parker
Allen Lee
Rosa Dominguez Faus
Daniel Scheitrum
Yueyue Fan
Amy Jaffe

Modeling the Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cdc42 Activity at Dendritic Spines Accounting for Membrane Geometry
Samuel Ramirez
Sridhar Raghavachari
Daniel Lew

Modeling Transformational Growth in Large African Cities
John Murphy
Mark Altaweel
Luis Cisneros
Thomas Park

Modelling Structural Change in Business Supply Chains
Ian Wilkinson
David Earnest

Monte-Carlo Simulation of Spatially-Explicit Land Use Conversion Decisions
Nazia Arbab
Jason Grabosky
Alan Collins

Mutual Shaping Between Technologies and Law: Methodology
Anna Zaytseva

Natural Coarse-Graining Length Scales in Ising-Like Simulations of Ferromagnets
Andrew Shevchuk

Network Analysis and Text Mining to Characterize Socio-Cultural Networks: Moorland Managment and Self-Governace
Nelson Fernandez
J. Mario Siqueiros-García
Gustavo Carreón
Luis Enrique Cortés-Berrueco
Carlos Gershenson

Organic Intelligence: A Clinical Approach Which Reinforces Minute Behaviors of Nervous System Self-Organization
Steven Hoskinson

Parallelization Strategy in Complex Software Networks
Hyoungseok Chu
Dong-Uk Hwang

Partial Bipartite Graphs as Models for Polarized Populations
Burton Voorhees

Participatory Modeling Research in the Phoenix Heat Relief Network
Joshua Uebelherr
David Hondula
Erik Johnston

Patent Networks Can Be Rewired to Normalize for Many Phenomena Simultaneously, Revealing Innate Technology Structures
Jeff Alstott
Giorgio Triulzi
Jianxi Luo

Phase Transitions in Pareto Optimal Systems
Luís F. Seoane
Ricard Sole

Price and Order Book Fluctuations in Foreign Exchange Markets
Yoshihiro Yura
Hideki Takayasu
Misako Takayasu

Recasting Used Consumer Electronic Devices Perceptions: A Socio-Ecological Systems Framework Approach to Defining Electronic Waste as a Common-Pool Resource
Christopher Nafe
Carole Mars

Role of Pheromone in Foraging of Ants
Safeeul Bashir Safee
Tatiana P. Flanagan
Melanie E. Moses

Second Law of Thermodynamics Formalism Applied to Finite Duration Through Cycles of Living Dissipative Systems
Marcelo Del Castillo-Mussot
Jorge A. Montemayor-Aldrete
Pablo Ugalde-Vélez
Ernesto Montemayor-Varela

Self Organization and Emergence in Anti-Neo Liberal System Movements in Mexico
Alfredo Díaz

Stock Price Reaction to New Information
Yoshifumi Tahira
Takayuki Mizuno

Stop Burning Your Laptop CPU and Waiting Your Results for Days, Use OpenMOLE!
Romain Reuillon
Mathieu Leclaire

Strategic Information Encryption Among Experts of No Limit Texas Hold’em
Seth Frey
Paul L. Williams
Dominic Albino

Studying the History of Systems Biology Using Computational Linguistics and Network Analysis Tools
Yawen Zou

Synchronization Patterns in Reactive Dynamical Chemical Systems
Evangelia – Evelyn Panagakou
Naziru Awal
Irving Epstein

The Conceptual Evolution of the Microbiome
Kenneth Aiello

The Functionalist Approach to Complex Systems
Matthieu Barbier

The Rise of Social Bots in Online Social Networks
Emilio Ferrara
Onur Varol
Prashant Shiralkar
Clayton Davis
Filippo Menczer
Alessandro Flammini

The Role of Middle-Level Experts for Enhancing Shared Awareness in Complex Organizations: Evidence from Finland
Nadezhda Gotcheva
Merja Airola
Heli Talja

Toward a Functional Ecology of Livelihood Diversity
William Burnside

Towards a Roadmap for Global Systems Science
Jeffrey Johnson
David Sousa-Rodrigues

Understanding Motives of Historical Events Through a Half Millennium Chronicle: The Annals of the Joseon Dynasty
Byunghwee Lee
Daniel Kim
Hang-Hyun Jo
Hawoong Jeong

Understanding Zooniverse; Crowd-Sourced Science
Taha Yasseri

Quantifying Urban Local Warming in the Face of Climate Change
Khan Rahaman
Quazi Hassan