What is CCS’15 About?

The study of Complex Systems is now some 35 years old, and has different intellectual and organizational roots in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. Many of us are convinced that the new science of Complex Systems is in the process of revolutionizing the sciences in the widest sense.Abstract 7

In Europe, the Complex Systems Society has created a flourishing interactive community across many disciplines with annual conferences that serve as the core cross-disciplinary meeting place.

In recent years, a new generation of Complex Systems centers and institutes have emerged in many places, all over the globe. Similarly, the approach is spreading from its core disciplines of physics, chemistry and biology to economics, social sciences, sustainability studies and other intellectual arenas.

The context is also changing, due to globalization. More and more, we are confronted with the need to think about complex systems as global, with many long-distance interactions, just as the crises we are experiencing are also global in scope.

The organizers of CCS’15 strive to respond to these trends by creating a venue for the different communities to interact, learn from each other, plan joint research and create the social ties that are necessary for a flourishing discipline. It is aimed at all colleagues practicing the Complex Systems approach, wherever they may be in the world. There are seven specific tracks, but also the opportunity to explore completely new ideas by organizing complete topical satellite sessions.

We guarantee that participation in CCS’15 will stimulate your thinking and broaden your research perspective in complexity science.