Guido Caldarelli

Institute for Advanced Studies-Lucca, Italy

guido-caldarelliGuido Caldarelli is the author of the graduate-level textbook, Scale-free networks, and serves as coordinator of the European project Complexity in Networks (COSIN), one of the first international activities based on the study of complex networks, which aims to develop statistical models to describe Network growth and evolution. These models will be based on agents interactions and inspired by the theory of self-organization and fractal growth. He is also coordinator of the European project FOC on the study of financial networks and the project MULTIPLEX on Multi-level Complex Networks.    Caldarelli’s research interests are focused primarily on scale-free networks, complex networks, and systems biology, specifically applying statistical physics to the scale-invariant phonomena, mostly in the the natural sciences. He is particularly interested in the mathematical extension of graph theory in order to describe the present technological systems (namely the hypergraph structure of social systems) and in the application of these ideas to financial and physical systems. His work on beauty and the stable marriage problem has been popularized  in the press.

Plenary Address:  The Structure and Dynamics of Financial Networks  (Caldarelli Plenary Abstract)