Ed MacKerrow

University of New Mexico

Ed MacKerrowEdward MacKerrow is the President of the Computational Social Science Society of the Americas and a scientific advisor for computational social sciences for the USG/IC, DoD, and NSF. He is the former Director of the Center for the Scientific Analysis of Emerging Threats at the Los Alamos National Labs. His main area of expertise is developing models for anticipating political violence.  Earlier Ed was the Vice President of Science for the BiosGroup where he developed agent-based simulations of human behavior in organizations, consumer markets. Ed also developed models diffusion of attitudes in social media for marketing. Currently, Ed and his colleagues at the New Mexico Consortium are researching indicators and temporal signatures of potential political violence in social media and conventional news media data.

Ed MacKerrow also is a member of the supply-chain analysis group at the Santa Fe Institute, a scientific advisor for social modeling for the USG/IC, DoD, and NSF, a member of the UC Berkeley Living with Risk research group, and part-time Computer Science faculty for the University of New Mexico.

Plenary Address:   Applying Complex Adaptive Systems Science to Financial Risk Management     (MacKerrow Plenary Abstract)