Complexity in Economics and Finance

Empirically Validated Model of Stock Return Dynamics
Asher Mullokandov
Nima Dehmamy
Irena Vodenska
H. Eugene Stanley
Igor Mozetic
Petra Kralj Novak

Measuring the Coherence of Financial Markets
Matthieu Cristelli
Fabrizio Piasini
Andrea Tacchella
Luciano Pietronero

Community Analysis of Global Financial Markets
Irena Vodenska
Alexander Becker
Di Zhou
Dror Kenett
H. Eugene Stanley
Shlomo Havlin

An Agent-Based Framework for Analysing Insolvency Resolution Mechanisms for Banks
Bob De Caux
Frank McGroarty
Markus Brede

Evaluating Macroprudential Policies in a Dynamical Model of the Basel Leverage Cycle
Fabio Caccioli
Christoph Aymanns
J. Doyne Farmer
Vincent W.C. Tan

Evaluating Multilevel Predictions from Data – The Case of Trading Data to Predict GDP Growth
Sven Banisch
Robin Lamarche-Perrin
Eckehard Olbrich

Promoting Adaptation in the Developing World: Addressing the Hard Problem of “How” with Illustration from China’s Capitalist Revolution
Yuen Yuen Ang

Identification of Systemic Shocks to Risk Aggregators from Severe Weather Events and Impact of Meso-Index Insurance on the Public Economy in Developing Countries: Agent-Based Modeling Simulation Approach
Min Su Jun

Complex Network Architecture: An Explanatory-Exploratory Tool for Understanding Value Co-Creation in the Sport Sector
Annette Sharp
Geoff Dickson

Structure of Global Buyer-Supplier Networks and its Implications for Conflict Minerals Regulations
Takayuki Mizuno
Takaaki Ohnishi
Hiroshi Iyetomi
Yuichi Ikeda
Tsutomu Watanabe

How the Taxonomy of Products Drives the Economic Development of Countries
Andrea Zaccaria
Matthieu Cristelli
Andrea Tacchella
Luciano Pietronero

Estimating the Size of Market Areas and Bubbles in the Japanese Housing Market
Takaaki Ohnishi
Takayuki Mizuno
Chihiro Shimizu
Hiroshi Iyetomi
Tsutomu Watanabe

Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma in a Population of Bayesian Agents: Learning and Out-of-Equilibrium Play
Vilhelm Verendel
Kristian Lindgren

Value of Information in Noncooperative Games
David Wolpert
Nils Bertschinger
Eckehard Olbrich

An Experimental and Evolutionary Analysis of Group Formation and Gift Giving
Ioannis Zisis
The Anh Han
Sibilla di Guida
Georg Kirchsteiger
Tom Lenaerts

Economic Inequality Favors the Emergence of Intolerance
Luis A. Martinez-Vaquero
Jose A. Cuesta

Rethinking Equity Theory: Fairness Restoration and its Dynamic Outcomes
Riyang Phang
Georgios Christopoulos

The Flow of Inventors and Ideas Between Research Hubs Using Patent Data
Greg Morrison
Orion Penner
Massimo Riccaboni
Fabio Pammolli

From Innovation to Diversification: A Simple Competitive Model
Fabio Saracco
Riccardo Di Clemente
Andrea Gabrielli
Luciano Pietronero

Diversification Versus Specialization in Complex Ecosystems
Riccardo Di Clemente
Guido L. Chiarotti
Matthieu Cristelli
Andrea Tacchella
Luciano Pietronero

How to Define Agglomerations if You Want to Observe ‘Agglomeration Economies’?
Clémentine Cottineau
Olivier Finance
Elsa Arcaute
Erez Hatna
Michael Batty

Measuring Exaptation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pierpaolo Andriani
Ayfer Ali
Mariano Mastrogiorgio

Map out the Global Mobility Restrictions, Based on the Data of Multilateral International Migration Flow
Hongzhong Xu
Xiaomeng Li
Qinghua Chen
Jiang Zhang

Phase Transitions in Input-Output Models
Marco Bardoscia
Giacomo Livan
Matteo Marsili

Shock Diffusion in the European Production Network
Paolo Sgrignoli
Andrea Roventini
Mauro Napoletano
Giorgio Fagiolo

Dynamics of Communities on Multiplex Synchronization Network
Yohei Sakamoto
Irena Vodenska
Hideaki Aoyama
Yoshi Fujiwara
Hiroshi Iyetomi
Yuta Arai
H. Eugene Stanley

The Effect of Network Structure Among Users on Standards, Compatibility, and Exploitation of Market Power
Torsten Heinrich

Effective Network Inference Through Multivariate Information Transfer Estimation
Carl-Henrik Dahlqvist
Jean-Yves Gnabo
Sophie Béreau

Enhanced Gravity Model of Trade: Reconciling Macroeconomic and Network Science?
Assaf Almog
Rhys Bird
Diego Garlaschelli