Complexity in Infrastructure, Planning & Environment

A Coupled Systems Approach to Assessing System Sustainability by Valuing Natural Capital
Joshua Abbott
Eli Fenichel

An Approach for Incorporating Population Health Outcomes in System Dynamics Models of Urban Planning, Mobility, and Transport
Roderick McClure

Characterizing the Human Complex Mobility Pattern, Collective Behaviour and Self-Organization
Juan Carlos Pascual

Developing a Concept of Social-Ecological-Technological Systems to Characterize Resilience of Urban Areas and Infrastructure to Extreme Events
Nancy B. Grimm
Charles L. Redman
Mikhail Chester
David Iwaniec
Timon McPhearson
Thaddeus Miller
Tischa Munoz-Erickson

Emergence of Antifragility by Optimal Recovery Planning in Infrastructure Networks
Yiping Fang
Giovanni Sansavini

Experimental Simulations of Land-Use Land Cover Change (LULCC) Under Heterogeneous Policy Regimes: An Agent Based Model of Rural-Urban-Forest Interface in the Missisquoi Watershed of Lake Champlain Basin, 2000-2050
Asim Zia
Yu-Shiou Tsai
Christopher Koliba
Scott Turnbull

Identifying Passenger Type from Travel Routine
Erika Fille Legara
Christopher Monterola

Inference of Human Mobility Networks Through the Assimilation of Social Media Traces Into Mobility Models
Mariano Gastón Beiró
André Panisson
Ciro Cattuto

Linking the Social and Spatial Structures of Cities to Explain Fractal and Polycentric Urban Form
Fatemeh Jahanmiri
Dawn Parker

Lost in Transportation: When Public Transport Maps Are Too Complex For Our Brain
Riccardo Gallotti
Mason A. Porter
Marc Barthelemy

Methods for Measuring the Aggregate Complexity Outcomes of Urban Design
Geoff Boeing

Optimizing the Deployment of Electric Vehicles Charging Stations Using Mobile Phone Data
Mohammad M. Vazifeh
Hongmou Zhang
Paolo Santi
Carlo Ratti

Randomizing Bipartite Networks: The Case of the World Trade Web
Fabio Saracco
Riccardo Di Clemente
Andrea Gabrielli
Tiziano Squartini

Socio-Spatial Stratification in Cities
Rémi Louf
Marc Bathelemy

Steering a Complex Adaptive System: A Complexity Science Design Methodology Applied to an Industrial Ecosystem in the Humber Region, UK
Alexandra Penn

Telecoms Infrastructure Resilience: An Agent Based Model of UK Domestic Voice Services
Liz Varga
Marguerite Robinson

The Scales of Human Interactions: A Complex System Approach to Technical Change
Guido Chiarotti
Matteo Chinazzi
Lorenzo Napolitano
Emanuele Pugliese